Residential Care Home

Two Cedars Care Home
81 Dunyeats Road,Broadstone, Dorset BH18 8AF

Tel: 01202 694942

Statment of Purpose

We will provide and maintain a high standard of service, in a safe, clean and comfortable environment that encourages residents to have a high a quality of life as possible within the limitations of their physical, intellectual and emotional needs, respecting their rights as individuals to dignity, freedom of choice and privacy.

The home will be administered in a professional, proper and safe manner and the required records kept.

We will encourage and facilitate the monitoring of the home by authorised officers whenever required.

We will be honest, ethical and compassionate in all dealings with residents and their affairs.

We will maintain appropriate training of staff to meet these standards.

The overall objective of the home is to relieve pain, suffering, distress and disability in order that the resident can function to their full potential and retain their independence, dignity and individuality.

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