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Two Cedars Care Home
81 Dunyeats Road,Broadstone, Dorset BH18 8AF

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The essence of care is to be concerned with the well being of others and to attend to those needs which affect their welfare and quality of life. Quality of life in old age as at other times depends on the ability of the individual to live to their full potential as a human being. This implies not only the satisfaction of the basic needs for food, shelter, and sleep, but also the greatest possible degree of mobility and independence in daily living, with the provision of as much help as is necessary to achieve this state.

The quality of life requires the recognition of the person as a unique individual with a need for creative activity, for privacy and fellowship at appropriate times and with the right to be consulted and to choose in all matters affecting their health and welfare.

The resident has rights in common with any individual and should not have to feel, beholden to anyone for the treatment they receive. The quality of the resident’s life in the home results directly from the standard of care received and is affected not only by what happens but also how it happens. No single aspect of care will ensure well being, it is only effective when it is comprehensive.

If a resident is to re-establish himself/herself it is vital that he/she should retain, or regain his/her identity as part of re-enablement process. Relatives expect Residents to become dependant once they enter the home, they also expect, a safe and secure environment, free from risk.

When that person becomes a resident they may feel a very definite loss of self determination and fulfillment.

We believe that residents prosper in an atmosphere which allows self determination. The policy of the home is to promote working practices which encourage the perception of the home as a community of individuals.

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